Barcode Technology

Barcodes improve efficiency in your fulfillment warehouse

VeraCore Compatible Wireless DevicesToday’s most successful fulfillment warehouse operations are models of efficiency and accuracy. Fortunately, it’s easy and affordable to get the tools you need to compete.

The VeraCore Warehouse Management System enables you to utilize barcode readers tethered to workstations or laptops, which can be used to facilitate receiving, picking, packing, shipping and cycle counting.

Plus, VeraCore's WMS communicates with wireless networking handheld units from anywhere in your warehouse.


Using barcode technology and a WMS can provide greater quality control over your warehouse operations, reduced costs, and many more efficiencies. 

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Maximize efficiency: Warehouse workers can post activity remotely in the warehouse instead of having to run back to a desktop to log entries.

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Minimize mistakes: Scanning documents, instead of keying data, results in improved accuracy and fewer mistakes. 

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Stay on top of the game: Get inventory transaction updates in real time.

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Eliminate manual processes: Replace antiquated, physical or handwritten methods with a quick scan of a wireless device.

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Impress clients and prospects: Show them you mean business by taking advantage of the latest technology. 


Have you been putting off using barcodes in your warehouse?

Our recent blog post on barcode technology can help! Get answers to common questions and learn how you can implement barcode technology within the four walls of your warehouse. 

VeraCore customers are using barcodes and wireless processing for receiving inventory, pick to cart, product verification & much more.

Read more here: How Barcode Technology Streamlines Warehouse Processes & Reduces Costs. 




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