Fulfillment Challenges

What are your fulfillment challenges?

VeraCore has solutions for your biggest fulfillment & warehousing challenges

Managing a fulfillment operation is extremely complicated. Every client is different and their needs change frequently. This presents challenges to every area of your business; challenges that can affect your ability to satisfy clients – and can impact your bottom line. With VeraCore you'll meet these challenges head-on.

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, VeraCore can help!

Customer Retention

  • When a customer’s requirements change, is costly programming required to meet their needs?
  • Are your existing clients asking for capabilities your current software simply can’t support?
  • Has unscheduled system downtime ever damaged relations with clients?

New Sales

  • Have you walked away from a fulfillment opportunity because you did not have tools required to satisfy the prospect’s requirements?
  • Does setting up a new client require programming?
  • Are you interested in reducing the time required to get a new client up and running?


  • Would you like to streamline your picking and packing workflow to improve accuracy and efficiency?
  • Are your shipping clerks manually importing files or keying data into your shipping systems and then manually entering tracking numbers into your fulfillment software?
  • Have you deferred implementing barcode technology in your warehouse due to concern over cost or complexity?

Customer Service

  • Are your customer service reps manually generating reports and sending them to your clients?
  • Is a research project necessary to field simple questions from clients?
  • Are managing backorders a source of frustration for your account managers?
  • Do your account managers spend a lot of time compiling the billing data required to invoice clients for the work you’ve done?


  • Are you paying for costly programming to convert order files every time you land a new client - or worse, manually converting their order files to a format required by your fulfillment software?
  • Does your IT staff have to spend their time maintaining your fulfillment system(s)?
  • Would unscheduled system downtime adversely affect your business or that of your clients?
  • Would a catastrophe in your data center imperil your business?
  • Would having a system configured for High Availability & Disaster recovery help you sleep better?

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