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Omnipress_LogoMadison, Wisconsin based Omnipress is the go-to communications service provider for close to 1,000 of the nation’s associations and other organizations. Omnipress offers a wide array of services centered on the collection, production and distribution of the organization’s content, including trade publications, training manuals documentation, and event materials. With so much material to get into the hands of the organizations’ members, it follows that providing fulfillment services would be a vital component of the Omnipress service suite – and it has been for years.

Growing the fulfillment segment of the business was a top priority for Omnipress, but as the business grew, they faced a number of challenges. The accounts they were taking on were larger and increasingly complex. Omnipress had a substantial warehouse with room to grow, but management recognized that sustained growth would make it hard for their team to maintain their high levels of accuracy.

Growing the fulfillment business also meant facing technical challenges. For some clients – they needed to provide an ordering platform; for others they needed to accept orders from the association’s membership platform; each of which was different. Omnipress is a technical organization, but did not want to be in the business of developing custom storefronts or coding new system integrations for every client they took on.

In late 2009 – Omnipress assembled a team to identify a platform on which to build out their fulfillment offering that could enable them to overcome each of these challenges. After researching several different technologies the team determined that the VeraCore Fulfillment Solution - which includes both an Order Management System and a Warehouse Managements System - was the best choice. In early 2010, they began implementing the system.

Fast forward five years. The Omnipress plan to grow the fulfillment the business has been a dramatic success. Omnipress now manages over 60 different client fulfillment programs with VeraCore, managing thousands of SKU’s in their warehouse and shipping thousands of fulfillment orders every month. "The decision to implement VeraCore was a game changer" noted Omnipress CEO, Tracy Gundert, "VeraCore is the foundation of our fulfillment offering, and enables us to provide cost effective, high value-add solutions to the organizations we service."

VeraCore’s Warehouse Management System provides the Omnipress fulfillment team with the tools they need to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the fulfillment process, while the VeraCore Order Management System’s support for client specific business rules enables them to tailor the system to the specific requirements of each organization they service.

When engaging with a new fulfillment client – one of the first things Omnipress needs to establish is how the organization’s orders will be captured. Omnipress now brings a range of options to the table. If the organization does not have an ordering platform for its members, Omnipress can build a VeraCore portal that supports the organization’s functional requirements, enforces their business rules governing access to materials, and reflects the organization’s brand. They can also provide the organization’s leadership with a suite of management reports and dashboards that enable them to monitor and more effectively manage their fulfillment programs.

If the organization prefers to use their own platform to capture orders, the VeraCore Web Service can be used to facilitate sophisticated two-way communications between the association’s system and the VeraCore Order Management System. This integration enables to the organization’s system to transmit orders to Omnipress in real-time, as well as retrieve inventory levels, order statuses and other critical data elements.

These approaches have worked quite well with most of their clients, but for one of the large associations they service, Omnipress faced a different technical challenge. The association was interested in integrating their membership platform with the Omnipress fulfillment software. The association’s membership platform did include the ability to output order data in a pre-defined XML format, but could not be easily configured to use the VeraCore web-service.

To solve this challenge, Omnipress turned to the VeraCore Professional Services group, which developed a custom program that accepts the association’s orders – in their standard format – and automatically converts them to a format that VeraCore can accept. Since the completion of this initial project – Omnipress has since utilized VeraCore’s Professional Services for a number of other initiatives including customized designed packing forms and custom shipping acknowledgements.

Having established itself as a leader in providing communication solutions to the association market, Omnipress has since expanded its focus to include managing the fulfillment needs of training departments in large corporations. If past achievements are any prediction of the future successes– the winning combination of Omnipress focus and the VeraCore Fulfillment Solution will enable them assume a position of leadership in this vertical as well.

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Case Study Summary


Providing cost effective fulfillment solutions that enable the nation’s largest and most well- known associations to make the most of their educational content.


Omnipress implements VeraCore, which enables them to:
• provide branded ordering portals to organizations that require them
• accept order feeds from organizations that have their own systems
• manage inventory and back-end order fulfillment processes


Omnipress is now:
• providing fulfillment services to over 60 organizations
• managing thousands of SKU’s in their warehouse
• shipping thousands of orders every month

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