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Landis Improves Efficiency & Productivity with VeraCore

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Landis selected VeraCore as their fulfillment software solution in 2016 after experiencing a period of growth. Landis recognized that they would need a more powerful solution in order to continue growing and providing their existing customers with the best experience possible. Since their VeraCore implementation, Landis has enjoyed many improvements including enhanced efficiency, productivity and accuracy.

About Landis

Over the course of its 20-year history, Landis has steadily grown into a full service third-party fulfillment provider. Landis’ growth and success has been built on a proud heritage of dedicated customer care, best practice methodologies and high quality in the fulfillment service industry. The company’s integrated turnkey offerings include secure warehousing, pick and pack fulfillment, bulk fulfillment, inventory management, assembly, packaging, and logistics and transportation management. The company’s driving mission has remained steadfast throughout the years: managing customers’ programs on time, on budget, and at the highest level of accuracy and efficiency - a mission which has led them to be a recognized leader in the industry. 

Challenge #1 | Speed & Key Features

Landis recognized that they would need a faster system and key features in order to keep up with growing demand.

For the business to run as efficiently as possible, batch picking was a necessity. Because the former software did not offer this feature, manual batch picking procedures were utilized.

Moving quickly from screen to screen was a fundamental function that Landis required in order to meet expectations. Additionally, fast file upload times were needed and, should a file fail, rapid resolution was essential. With an increasing workload, they needed a system that would suit these needs.

Setup times for new customers in the former system took an average of 4-6 weeks. Because the software provider performed all setup, accellerated implementation was not always available. 

As in any fulfillment business, end of month billing is crucial. Without billing features, end of month invoicing was a time consuming process which typically took days to complete.

The Solution 

With a VeraCore implementation, Landis no longer had to wait for screens to load or for .csv order files to process. In fact, during the sales process, VeraCore was able to prove the speed of the system through a live test. If a file fails in VeraCore, the system now provides information on exactly where the error occurred so that it could be easily fixed and re-uploaded - no guesswork required. For Landis customers, this means faster order processing and shipping.

Manual batch picking is no longer a concern, as the new system could handle it for them, saving time, increasing efficiency, and getting orders out the door more quickly.

Setup times have been cut down from 4-6 weeks to an average of just one week. When needed, customer implementations could be accelerated to under a week. Landis is now able to take control of own their implementation timelines which means new customers are met with incredibly fast turnaround times. In their initial migration to VeraCore, Landis was able to get over 50 customers into the system in a very short period of time, meeting internal goals set for the company.

Thanks to VeraCore’s billing features, Landis has recovered a full day each month which was previously dedicated to end of month invoicing, so they could focus less on accounting and more on the customer.

Challenge #2 | Control & Customization

API connection to third party vendors can be a crucial function in a fulfillment business. With a growing client list, it became increasingly imperative that API connections were set up quickly. Landis’ former software provider performed all API setup for them, which made it more and more difficult to keep up with demand.

Reporting is a function that is central to any fulfillment business, and Landis is no exception. Customers need to be informed of data points that are relevant to their business, and they need to get the information in a timely manner. With the previous fulfillment system, a handful of standard reports were available, and anything after that needed to be customized by the software provider. As their business grew, they identified a need for a more hands-on approach in order to appeal to their growing client base.

The need for customization extended to pick and pack slips. With more customers needing a specific set of information on their slips, it was important that they be able to easily update these to their customer’s needs without effecting pick and pack slips of other customers.

With increased growth, Landis required increased internal visibility. Daily reports such as processed versus unprocessed orders became imperative. 

The Solution

With VeraCore, Landis gained the ability to customize the system to their needs.

They can now easily create unlimited custom reports on the fly, promptly providing their customers with the unique reporting details they need. API connections can be completed in minutes, which means customers no longer need to wait for integrations to be completed. Because each customer has a separate database, data included on pick/pack slips can be entirely customized to each customer’s preferences, without having an effect on other slips. Internal reporting is now available, providing a high level of visibility into the business. 

Challenge #3 | Customer Support

With their previous software provider, Landis had access to only one customer support representative who handled their entire account. While having a dedicated representative has its benefits, this lent for slow response times and slow customizations. As the business expanded, and questions and requests increased, Landis discovered that they needed a team to support them rather than an individual representative. 

The Solution

With VeraCore, there is an entire customer support team behind Landis. Questions are now met quickly by friendly and knowledgeable staff. VeraCore treats Landis like a true partner, making sure that needs are addressed and taking time to understand their unique business challenges, along with those of their customers. Landis is not limited to working with only one support specialist; they have access to the entire team, reducing wait times and ensuring a fast and positive resolution. With this approach, the Landis team can get a quick response, translating to a smooth experience for customers. 

The Result

After making the switch to VeraCore, Landis’ business has improved significantly. They have experienced:

  • Improvement in overall processes - There have been fewer complaints about the fulfillment   system. Orders can process faster, and as a result, can be shipped  faster, creating a better overall customer experience. 
  • Improved productivity - Account managers have become more productive due to less time being spent waiting for screens to load.
  • Faster implementations - New customer implementations have gone from an average of 4-6 weeks to approximately one week, boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Improved quality - With the rollout of processes like automated batch picking and pack stations, quality has improved and products can get shipped faster, translating to happy customers. 
  • Improved billing features - A full day has been shaved off of end of month invoicing, allowing the team to use this extra time to focus on other areas of the business.
  • Increased visibility - With a high level of visibility into what is happening internally, efficiency has increased. For example, morning reports can be run indicating processed versus unprocessed orders. 
  • Improved reporting - Customers can now receive information more quickly and accurately. Reports can be easily customized on the fly with details unique to each business. 
  • Increased client base - With improved efficiencies, Landis has nearly doubled the number of customers they service, with more onboarding scheduled through the end of the year.


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VeraCore has made life easier. We have a lot less stress and a lot less hassle.

Rob Tompkins, Landis