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Fulfillment Works Expands Business With VeraCore

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Fulfillment Works is a high volume fulfillment service bureau that works with businesses of all sizes all over North America and throughout the world. Since opening in Orange, Connecticut in 1999, they have consistently expanded their client base by offering dependable services including real-time inventory management and pick & pack order processing capabilities. They also boast web-based custom reporting capabilities and the industry’s fastest turnaround times, all at a competitive price. It is this reliability that has earned them the right to boast 99.9 percent error-free order accuracy—a remarkable statistic for a 100,000 sq. ft. warehouse that ships thousands of orders daily.

The Challenge

From the start, Fulfillment Works’ management knew that a fulfillment software system would be the key to their success and implemented one that worked for them at the time. Gradually, they recognized that they had outgrown the system they were using. The software was unable to keep up with the order volume of their growing client base. Personnel had to manually intervene to import and process large order files, which hindered efficiency. They also frequently came across discrepancies in data, which was a potential strain on client relationships.

Because the system lacked many built-in features like rules-based order processing and return capabilities, Fulfillment Works required third parties to implement custom features for their clients. These features became costly and ultimately resulted in lower profit margins. What’s more, there was a lack of communication with their software provider, often leading to confusion over time spent on custom projects. Projects would inexplicably be billed for more hours than had been agreed upon.

In order to continue to grow, Fulfillment Works needed a system that could handle their order volume and offer custom features affordably. They needed a software provider that would be there each step along the way as their needs changed.

Fulfillment Picking CartFulfillment Works needed a system that could process large order files and keep pace with their ever-changing client needs, but also wanted to work with a more responsive company that would take partnership in their growth. With more and more work coming in, they turned to VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. and their flagship software product, The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution. The fulfillment system and its dedicated support team proved to be just what the doctor ordered to maximize efficiency.

In such a high volume warehouse, a full set of easy-to-use features is vital. For example, the ability to drill down and find details on every transaction helps Director of Client Services, Laura Corbett, and her team find information very quickly:

The drill down feature is phenomenal… I can click a SKU, and see all the people that received it in seconds. The system is really easy to use, and the customer service has been great. We’re really happy with VeraCore!”

VeraCore also made financial planning easier for Fulfillment Works. They are able to budget for each year knowing that their fulfillment needs are covered by a low monthly fee. Rather than paying for each individual project, Fulfillment Works has access to product enhancements and superior service from VeraCore’s customer support team.

“The VeraCore team really stepped up to the plate to continually enhance their system to meet our customers’ needs, like continuity and multi-warehouse. We know VeraCore will continue to give us what is needed to grow our business,”

— Amy Cooper, President of Fulfillment Works.

Since implementing the VeraCore System, Fulfillment Works has experienced great success with comparatively lower operational costs. Because VeraCore provides them with so many features, they are now able to offer more services to customers. This allows them to stay one step ahead of the competition and land new accounts they could not have previously handled. Within two years of implementing the VeraCore system, Fulfillment Works has added 20 new clients and increased their revenue by an impressive 32 percent.

Costly mistakes have been virtually eliminated, as well. Amy Cooper was ecstatic: “The difference is night and day. The data in the reports is always accurate, and I never have to make ex-cuses to clients. The billing reports provide exactly what I need to back up invoices, and every-thing matches to the penny!”

Recently, they have partnered with a west coast fulfillment company to offer multi-facility dis-tribution for faster turn-around and reduced shipping costs. VeraCore’s multi-warehouse func-tionality helped this major transition run smoothly. Instead of feeling left in the dark when they need changes to accommodate projects like this one, they have a hands-on experience with sup-port specialists who understand their needs. This allows Fulfillment Works confidence in run-ning a more efficient, more successful operation across the board.

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VeraCore has been so responsive. It is clear that the people over there are on our side, and I finally feel like we are both part of one cohesive team. We look forward to continuing our great working relationship for years to come!

Amy Cooper, Fulfillment Works, LLC