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Starting a new fulfillment company is a daunting proposition – particularly if your first major engagement is for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical corporations. That’s exactly the challenge faced by Tom Vidinu, President of Crossworx – the Ajax, Ontario based marketing and logistics company he founded in 2014. With 20 years of marketing and fulfillment experience, Tom was not daunted by the prospect of launching the business – as long as he found the right people and the right software platform on which to run the business.

Every industry has its nuances, but the pharmaceutical industry is notorious for its complexity and heavy emphasis on quality assurance and order accuracy. In this case, the complexity was compounded by the fact that Crossworx would be managing the divergent fulfillment needs of two of the pharma corporation’s operating companies, receiving orders from multiple channels and servicing a variety of stakeholders, including:

Healthcare Professionals - Crossworx would need to process orders received from nurses and healthcare practitioners ordering materials pertaining to treatments being undergone by specific patients. Orders placed in a system maintained by the client would passed electronically to Crossworx. Each order shipped would be accompanied by a document customized using data from the order feed. Given the sensitive, patient specific nature of the materials being fulfilled, order accuracy was paramount.

Sales & Marketing Professionals - Crossworx would need to provide a secure on-line ordering portal that would enable the RX company’s sales and marketing professionals to order materials. Access to items would vary – with some items being restricted to certain types of users. With a heavy presence in the province of Quebec - the pharma company would need both English and French versions of the ordering platform.

Corporate Executives – Crossworx would need to provide the executives at client’s corporate office with secure on-line access to both summary level, and extremely detailed data about their fulfillment programs.

After assembling a group of seasoned fulfillment professionals to join him in the new venture – Tom began weighing his technology options – ultimately engaging VeraCore Software Solutions to provide a comprehensive software platform on which to build the business. The VeraCore Fulfillment Solution, which includes both an Order Management System and a Warehouse Management System would satisfy each of the RX companies’ objectives and provide the flexibility Crossworx required to service other clients in a range of different industries.

VeraCore’s Order Management System includes the ability to accept orders electronically in a variety of formats. In addition, the system’s easy to use order import mapping tool enabled Crossworx to configure the system to automatically import the nurse’s orders, in the client’s format – without doing any programming!

VeraCore also includes a shopping cart design tool that facilitates the design of customized B2B and B2C shopping carts. To address the challenge of providing ordering platforms to the client’s sales and marketing force; VeraCore’s professional services team was engaged to create two carts; one in English – one in French. The result; two ordering portals that meet clients’ functional requirements and adhere to strict corporate brand requirements.

The myriad dashboards, reports and data extracts that are included with the Order Management System provide the client’s corporate office with instant access to real-time data on inventory levels, order statuses, users and system utilization - virtually every aspect of their fulfillment programs. The client also had a few highly specialized reporting requirements. For these reports, VeraCore’s professional services group was able to create custom reports based on the client’s exact specifications.

While the VeraCore Order Management provides the RX company the ability to actively monitor and manage their fulfillment programs – The VeraCore Warehouse Management System handles the action in the Crossworx warehouse – where the proverbial "rubber meets the road". The system provides Crossworx with the tools they need to effectively manage all of the various activities they perform in the warehouse, including:

  • Product Receiving and Directed Putaway
  • Kit Assembly
  • Wave Picking & Packing
  • Shipping
  • Cycle Counting

Crossworx is able maintain to efficiency throughout the fulfillment operation while also providing their clients the highest levels of inventory and order accuracy and a complete audit trail for all inventory touches.

The VeraCore implementation and launch of the pharma company’s fulfillment program has been an enormous success. Within a month of opening for business, Crossworx was already managing close to 1,200 SKU’s in their warehouse and shipping ~50 orders per day - for their pharmaceutical client alone !

With the new business on solid footing and their fulfillment technology in place, Tom is now able to focus on growing the business. The collective experience of the Crossworx team – and The VeraCore fulfillment Solution are a winning combination – one that will be hard to beat!

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Case Study Summary


On-boarding a major fulfillment client – one of world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The opportunity was significant, but the requirements were complex: • Multiple stakeholders • Numerous order channels • Zero tolerance for errors


Crossworx leverages the power of the VeraCore - providing solutions to each of the client’s stated objectives.


Within the first month • Crossworx was managing ~ 1,200 SKU’s in the warehouse • Crossworx was accepting orders from client’s users throughout North America • Crossworx was shipping hundreds orders weekly • Crossworx was providing client with easy access to real-time reports and management dashboards