Application Architect


Application Architect

Full-Time or Part-Time:


Position Overview:

VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc. (VeraCore) has an exciting opportunity for a Application Architect to join our Agile software delivery team. VeraCore software is used by top names in the fulfillment, ecommerce and graphic communications to service many of the world’s most respected brands.

Our Product Delivery Team are the creative minds behind our software applications. They allow our users to be better at their business by performing their tasks quickly, efficiently and with ease. In this role, you’ll work closely with the product owner and architect to design and develop and enhance our enterprise application.

As an Application Architect, you are well established in your field. You have designed and delivered complex software applications to production. You are a methodical problem solver who is capable of mentoring and growing a talented team of software engineers. You speak fluently in contemporary software design principles and are effective at implementing these principles within a development team. You love your job - attacking complex cutting-edge technology challenges gets you out of bed in the morning. 

Why VeraCore?

As a small software company, our developers are the drivers of the technology that our customers depend on, not just members of “IT” at a big corporation. We encourage open dialog, allowing all developers to take ownership of the technology and development process. Members of the VeraCore team are laser-focused on producing high quality usable software and maintaining a fun and casual work environment. We foster a team environment with lunch-time ping pong battles, end of week social gatherings, and off-site team events*.

Responsibilities of this poistion include:

  • Deliver software in an Agile environment using event-based technologies
  • Work closely with product owners & development team on fleshing out requirements and solution design
  • Maintain and improve Infrastructure as Code
  • Ensure technical rigor in developing solutions
  • Establish and promote code standards and design patterns
  • Supervise the development of infrastructure across multiple environments
  • Develop optimization, tuning, troubleshooting and best practices methodologies
  • Mentor and lead software engineers through both high and low-level technical challenges

Required Qualifications:

  • 6+ years of development and/or architecture experience
  • 2+ years of experience with Microservices/SOA architectures
  • Experience with 
    • Rest APIs & API Gateways
    • Automated CI / CD pipelines for building and deploying containers on a cloud platform
    • Designing NoSQL Datastores
    • Performance tuning distributed applications
    • Container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes
    • TDD or BDD with 1 or more testing frameworks
    • ACID Transactions, Eventual Consistency and Multiprocessing
  • Knowledge of
    • Flexible integration layers (for API, file-based, and EDI integrations)
    • Agile development methodologies
  • Proven ability to diagnose complex problems in large scale distributed systems with a variety of technologies
  • Excellent instincts for maintaining balance between practical feature development and application and process sanctity

Preferred Experience:

  • Enabling scalable high throughput stream processing with DSE/Spark and Confluent/Kafka
  • Using in memory data stores like Redis
  • Datastax/Cassandra Schema, Table and Graph design
  • Full featured text search using Lucene/Solr/DSE Search
  • Developing international applications (i.e. Localized UI, multi-currency, weights and measures)
  • Developing Blazor/WebAssembly Web Applications
  • Capturing feature usage tracking / application telemetry
  • CQL, SQL and Gremlin scripting language
  • Scrum Developer certification

This is an excellent opportunity for forward-looking individual seeking to contribute to a growing team to build an exciting leading-edge solution that will challenge you as an application architect and team leader.

This position offers a generous compensation package that includes both medical and dental insurance as well as a 401k retirement plan. We offer a fast-paced environment with a casual atmosphere.

*Prior to COVID-19. Our workforce is currently remote but hoping to get back to the office as soon as it is safe to do so.

To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to:

VeraCore Software Solutions, Inc.
76 Batterson Park Road
Farmington, CT 06032
Email: [email protected]


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