How It Started

The VeraCore story

How it all started

The story begins back in 1981 with the founding of our company, originally named and incorporated as Software Marketing Associates, Inc. (SMA). The vision of Jim and Denise Lunden was one of filling a void in the market for discovering talent at that time. The company’s primary business pursuit was discovering and identifying talented software developers with the intent of providing counsel and support to help them bring their products to market. This keen insight that the founders have for seeing market opportunity and talent still exists today.

Small VeraCore Arrow Making List Processing Affordable
Seeing tremendous market opportunity forged out of technology advances, SMA recruited and engaged with a software author to develop a system for processing mailing lists on “mini-computers”. The software that resulted from this collaboration evolved to become known as The Pro-Mail Computer Profit Center; widely regarded as being the world’s first non-mainframe, commercial grade list processing software. The company’s deeply-embedded commitment to mailing and fulfillment software was only beginning.

Small VeraCore Arrow Anticipating User Need with the First Fulfillment Solution
Concurrent with the development of the Pro-Mail Computer Profit Center, SMA also began developing a comprehensive system for managing literature fulfillment programs. This was done in collaboration with a user that was fulfilling literature orders (transmitted from Zurich via teletype!) for one of the world’s largest travel firms. This was an early example of the way that SMA worked hand in hand with clients on product development.

Building on the success of our initial foray into the fulfillment market space, SMA developed and released a system totally dedicated to managing product fulfillment programs. It was truly an industry breakthrough – one of many to come from SMA and Pro-Mail.

Small VeraCore Arrow Leading the Industry with a Complete Business Management Package 
Based on the success achieved with the list processing and fulfillment software, the business was now totally focused on growing and enhancing the suite of Pro-Mail product offerings. Commercializing new Pro-Mail products became the priority.

The first major release coming out of this initiative was the Pro-Mail Business Management Center that was aimed at meeting unmet user needs and expectations. This comprehensive business management software package provided direct mail companies with all of the tools they needed, as well as some they didn’t realize they did, to more effectively and efficiently manage their business. The product took off, as hundreds of mailing and fulfillment companies discovered the advantages that Pro-Mail delivered for their business. As the product evolved and added more enhancements, deeper applications use, and penetration of Pro-Mail followed.

Small VeraCore Arrow Adapting to Market Needs and Evolving with Pro-Mail Version 5
The late 1990s and early 2000s were a tumultuous time for the mailing industry. Everything was in a state of flux and, in some cases, disarray. Clients of SMA/Pro-Mail faced both tremendous business obstacles and opportunities. Mail volumes were on a steady decline and fell off drastically during the post 9/11 Anthrax scare. Yet at the very same time, the fulfillment world was exploding, fueled primarily by the staggering growth of the internet. Much like we have been throughout our history, we were at the center of helping companies take advantage of this new market paradigm. Seeing the opportunity to be at the core of our client’s businesses, the majority of the development energies were directed solely against fulfillment products. Out of all this work came Version 5 of The Pro-Mail Fulfillment Solution – a product with breakthrough capabilities, including being completely browser-based and accessible from anywhere in the world through a simple Web browser. It’s another example in a long line of game-changing technologies for which users have come to count on SMA/Pro-Mail.

Small VeraCore Arrow The Dawn of Cloud Computing
By 2005, the new browser-based version of Pro-Mail was widely deployed, with users installing the software on servers that they purchased and maintained in their facilities. At this time, we observed that there were many companies clamoring for the capabilities that Pro-Mail offered, but they either could not cost justify the investment in servers or lacked the in-house expertise to install and maintain such servers. As a result, we began offering hosting services, initially to firms with small to mid-sized fulfillment businesses. The response was immediate and the demand for our hosting services have increased year after year. Presently, fulfillment businesses of all sizes have the flexibility of opting for local installation or cloud-based implementation of our software solutions.

Small VeraCore Arrow VeraCore – Central to Your Business
The fulfillment business continues to undergo tremendous change. The pace is faster, retention of clients is critical and being fully engaged and connected is a given. No company supports its clients’ goals better. Although the Pro-Mail name has served the company well, it doesn’t fully describe who we are or what we do. It doesn’t reflect our core focus of providing software solutions that our users trust to be central to the success of their fulfillment businesses. The new name VeraCore – which incorporates the Latin word for “true” – reflects who we are and the relationships we have with our customers. Our software is central to their fulfillment business and they can count on us to provide true solutions to the business challenges they face.

The VeraCore name is an overt statement of the future business intentions of the company. We plan to build on our steeped 40-year history by continuing to be an integral element in our clients’ fulfillment methodologies and operations.

Much like customers have been doing with us for years, Trust VeraCore… It’s the way fulfillment works!